keekaroo high chair review

Keekaroo High Chair Review

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Quick Overview





  • Has a small footprint
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Keeps the child from slipping
  • Includes an instruction manual for setting up
  • Easy maintenance requirements
  • Impressive 250-pound weight limit
  • The pelvic belt is adjustable using one hand
  • The seat and footrest adjust in one-inch increments


  • May take over 30 minutes to put together
  • Food items can get stuck to Velcro restraining straps
  • No protective pads or wheels to move smoothly across the floor

Before anything else, here's a shout-out to all overwhelmed parents with exuberant, ultra-active, super fidgety toddlers.

We understand the struggle is real, especially during mealtimes.

While getting a high chair for easy feeding may not be at the top of the list of things to get for your child, it may very well be the most essential one.

Choosing the right high chair for your child will go a long way in determining your money’s worth.

This Keekaroo high chair review has been specifically put together to help you whether the Height Right Kids Chair is indeed the right chair for your growing toddler.

Keekaroo High Chair Review

Keekaroo boasts a Gold Star standard in building highly durable, extremely versatile, and functional pieces of equipment for the growing child.

Designed and manufactured in the small town of Dolgeville in upstate New York, each Keekaroo product is a guaranteed welcome addition to any household.

The company’s history is a uniquely personal and humbling one, dating back to 1967 when the owner’s daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome.

Tim Bergeron’s determination to provide a comfortable and supportive life for his daughter led to the inception of Keekaroo.

With support from his other children and the community they grew up in, Bergeron was able to design and manufacture sustainable, functional, and economical seating solutions.

From adjustable high chairs to cushioning solutions, the company has grown in both experience and size.

The Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair has brought about a comfortable, durable, and sustainable seating solution without compromising on the child’s safety and the parents’ peace of mind.

Who Is This Product For?

The Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of a growing child. 

The chair can seat children as young as six months and has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

By allowing seat and footrest adjustments at one-inch increments, the chair essentially grows with the child.

This design element gives parents a lifelong return on this one-time investment.

Additionally, the chair blends in with the rest of the table furniture with its beautiful espresso color.

It takes up approximately the same amount of space as other dinner table chairs at only 470 square inches.

What’s Included?

The Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair arrives in a package that includes the following:

  • A three-point adjustable pelvic belt
  • An adjustable foot and seat plate
  • Rubberwood parts in plant-based lacquer finish
  • An Allen wrench for putting the chair together
  • An instruction manual to put together the chair

keekaroo high chair review

Overview of the Features

The most defining feature of the Keekaro Height Right Kids Chair is that it is made from high-quality rubberwood to ensure longevity and safety. 

Its functional design and VOC plant-based lacquer finish accentuate other furniture pieces in the vicinity.

Parents can easily opt for one of the three wood colors (mahogany, natural, and espresso) that the chair is available in to match other furniture in the room.

While the seat is not cushioned, there is provision for installing detachable cushions that you can purchase separately from Keekaroo.

Featuring a relatively small footprint of 470 square inches and weighing only 21.1 pounds, the high chair is compact and easily portable.

When not in use, you can push the chair into the dinner table to align with the other chairs.

Despite its lightweight, it is designed to easily accommodate seating babies from six months of age to weighing 250 pounds.

To ensure the chair grows with the child, the design features an adjustable seat and footrest you can adjust in one-inch increments.

You can make these adjustments with the help of the Allen wrench provided in the packaging.

In terms of sturdiness and safety, the wood used in the chair is not only non-toxic and JPMA certified but also peel- and tear-resistant with a plant-based finish.

This ensures there are no latent fumes released from the chair at any time after purchase, which can cause allergies or other medical complications. 

Keekaroo takes pride in delivering strong and durable seating solutions, which is why this chair has been tested in rigorous hospital and school settings to ensure safety.

The chair is designed to match the height of a standard tabletop or allow parents to feed standing up.

Even at maximum height, its ergonomic seating provides a stable and safe base for the child.

The child sits upright with a crotch bump to allow for a great posture and prevent any tumbling. 

Additionally, Keekaroo also included a three-point pelvic belt with a passive crotch restraint to prevent your kid from slipping through the legroom.

In terms of maintenance, you can easily wipe the infant insert tray clean using soapy water.

The tray is also easily removable with an Allen wrench for a thorough clean-up or when your child no longer requires it.

Similarly, the base of the chair can also be wiped clean without fear of ruining the wood finish.

How To Use the Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair

The Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair is designed to let your child have a seat at your dinner table.

Once put together with the help of the manual and the included Allen wrench, it cannot be reclined or folded to be put away.

Instead, you can push the chair into the table to become a part of the dining set.

To help set up the chair, you can find YouTube videos easily available online that help users follow along with each step.

You can adjust the height of the footrest and table tray using the Allen wrench and do so in one-inch increments as the child’s needs increase with age.

Once seated in the chair, the three-point harness strap helps hold the child securely to prevent them from slipping.

While the packaging doesn’t include any cushions, you can purchase them separately from Keekaroo and easily be strapped on.


While the Keekaroo High Chair features an overall functional and versatile design, it does not come with a cushioned seating arrangement.

Keekaroo does include a provision for it in the design, so parents can order detachable cushions also from the same company. 

Yet, these are an added expense that many people do not want to add to their existing ones. 

In that case, you might want to look at the Abiie High Chair.

This high chair comes with built-in stain-resistant cushions that not only provide extra comfort and support but can also be easily wiped clean with a damp soapy cloth. 

We’ve seen in this Keekaroo high chair review that there is a three-point adjustable pelvic belt in the Height Right Kids chair to make sure your kid doesn’t slip through the legroom gap.

In contrast, the Abiie High Chair comes with a dual restraining system that provides the child with an extra layer of safety.

Parents have a choice of utilizing the five-point harness or the three-point harness, both designed to go over the shoulders and across the pelvic region.

While both products have a small footprint, the Keekaroo is significantly more low-key compared to the Abiie.

Is the Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair Worth It?

Have you ever come across a child making a fast grab at their parents’ stuff?

This is because toddlers and children, in general, want to be acknowledged as adults.

As the Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair looks and feels like any regular piece of furniture, your child will naturally gravitate towards it.

The chair is designed to grow with your child, too, becoming an heirloom to pass along to many generations to come.

If you are not looking for the neon, fussy-looking high chair that hinders functionality more than enabling it, opting for the Keekaro Height Right Kids Chair is the way forward.

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