chicco polly high chair review

Chicco Polly High Chair Review

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Quick Overview





  • Three positions for reclining the seat
  • Removable tray liner allows for an easy clean-up
  • Seven adjustable heights
  • Extra-large snap-on tray
  • Close at hand tray storage
  • Armrests fold away
  • Can accommodate a snap-on seat for older children
  • Four swivel wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Space-saving eight-inch foldable design
  • Padded five-point harness


  • Seat padding has hard-to-reach crevices for cleaning
  • Seat fabric is not removable

The Chicco Polly high chair enables the stressed-out and often burned-out parent on multiple levels.

It makes feeding easier, promotes increased facetime, and encourages fun interaction between parent and child.

As such, dining with a hyperactive youngling becomes simple and comfortable.

With the prices of baby products skyrocketing these days, more and more parents opt for sustainable and safe solutions.

The important thing is that these products help them carry out a range of different activities for at least a couple of years without hindering their independence.

This Chicco Polly High Chair review provides new parents with a unique perspective on convenience feeding.

If you are just starting on your child’s weaning journey, this review can help you choose the right product to match their needs and requirements.


Chicco Polly High Chair Review

With over 60 years of experience developing a range of baby products, many parents trust Chicco more than any other brand.

Chicco was founded in 1985 by an Italian pharmaceutical inventor and developer after the birth of his son.

As a new parent himself, Catelli identified with other parents in similar situations facing a lack of practical, functional, and safe baby products in the market.

By taking over the challenge of developing baby products, he set out to revolutionize the very essence of traditional parenting systems.

Today, with a presence in over 120 countries worldwide, Chicco offers a wide range of baby-related paraphernalia, ranging from nursing to seating, apparel, and general care products.

Compared to other baby brands, Chicco invests largely in designing and manufacturing highly innovative and functional baby products.

Each creation aims to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for day-to-day running.

The famous Happiness Lab Chicco works hard to transform parenting for the upcoming generations.

By working with leading professionals in the industry, including pediatricians, ergonomists, and parents, the Lab is dedicated to learn and invest in engineering the next “big thing” for the baby of tomorrow.

chicco polly high chair review

Who Is This Product For?

The product is best suited for parents just starting the weaning process with their infants.

The extra padding, reclinable chair, and removable table provide maximum support in the child’s early months.

The chair’s versatile design ensures it is also easily usable by toddlers.

It’s the perfect high chair for developing children as they become eager to join their parents at the grown-ups’ table.

In addition, the reclining feature can allow parents to easily bottle feed their children without having to carry them throughout the process.

However, they will still need to carry the child around later to help them digest, more commonly known as “burp.”

Nevertheless, the reclining positions can also help support the baby’s back as they rest or take a quick nap.

In this way, parents can still watch their children as they go about their day-to-day chores.

Additionally, with the high chair’s adjustable height, parents can also keep their newborn babies away from pets.

What’s Included?

The packaging of the Chicco Polly High Chair includes the following:

  • Removable tray liner
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Five-point adjustable harness with webbing
  • Snap-on large tray
  • Fold-away armrests
  • Rubberized wheels

Overview of the Features

The Chicco Polly High Chair’s most defining feature is its space-saving, eight-inch, fold-away design that allows for easy storage between meals.

Additionally, it also helps parents travel with the table without requiring any additional disassembly.

  • Three-Point Recline

To accommodate the needs of the newborn baby, Chicco included a three-point reclining feature.

This is so that parents can easily feed their children without having to hold them up.

Moreover, babies can easily sleep as the chair can recline back to a full 180 degrees.

On the other hand, they can play and interact with people in their surroundings in a more seated position.

  • Seven Adjustable Height Settings

To help match the height requirement of their surrounding furniture, such as a countertop or table, this high chair also has seven adjustable height variations.

Combined with the reclining feature, the added height helps parents keep their babies always in sight as they do their other chores.

As mentioned, you can adjust the height to keep the child away from pets at ground level.

  • Fold-Away Armrests

In terms of convenience, there are multiple features of the Chicco Polly High Chair that provide easy storage solutions.

The fold-away armrests are designed to help growing toddlers easily reach tables and countertops.

Additionally, they also help make the high chair compact and fit with the other chairs around the table.

  • Snap-on Tray With Storage on Rear Legs

The snap-on tray comes with protective plastic liners to protect the young ones’ delicate fingers from getting squished.

Moreover, when not in use, the tray can easily be put away by sliding it over the rear legs rather than requiring additional storage space.

  • Removable Tray Liner

For easy cleaning and maintenance, the removable tray liner on the snap-on tray can be easily washed in the sink, put in the dishwasher, or simply wiped clean.

Its removable nature also makes it replaceable, which means that if damaged, parents can easily get another one.

  • Swivel Wheels

To help maneuver the high chair from one place to another, Chicco designed it with four swivel wheels.

These work well on both hard and soft carpeted surfaces.

Additionally, they also have a self-locking mechanism to protect the child from tumbling over.

  • Padded Five-Point Safety Harness

For safety reasons, there is also a padded five-point harness that goes over the child’s shoulders, around the pelvic region, and locks over their midsection.

The padded nature of the harness is to ensure comfort, especially with newborn babies.

  • Easy Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the seat pad can be wiped clean with soapy water.

However, due to the numerous crevices and hard-to-reach places, the seat pad may still end up storing food particles over time.

How To Use This High Chair

The instruction manual provided in the Chicco Polly High Chair’s packaging is pretty self-explanatory.

You simply follow it to the T to put the chair together in less than 20 minutes.

Additionally, you can also get help from YouTube, where Chicco and parents have posted follow-along videos to help with the assembly process.

The versatile nature of the Chicco Polly High Chair ensures that both newborns and toddlers can easily use it in varying capacities.

With newborns, parents can recline the chair to feed the babies easily.

With toddlers, the armrests can be folded away, as well as the snap-on tray removed, so that they can join in on the family’s activities over the dining table.



If you are looking for a high chair that will last with the family past toddlerhood, you may want to consider investing in the Keekaroo High Chair instead.

This high chair comes with an adjustable height and footrest with one-inch increments.

While the Chicco Polly High Chair can handle weights up to 40lbs, the Keekaroo High Chair can easily accommodate a grown adult of 250lbs.

On the other hand, Chicco’s reliable design is specifically made to cater to the growing needs of newborns.

Without a padded seat and with a three-point harness instead of a five-point one, the Keekaroo High Chair is not as safe or reliable to use, especially with hyperactive children.

That said, if you have a messy child, opting for the Keekaroo will be a better option.

Its cushionless design ensures a much thorough clean-up regimen.

The Chicco high chair just has too many crevices that can store spilled food that can rot over time and attract insects and bacteria.

Is the Chicco Polly High Chair for You?

Choosing the right high chair for your child is more of a journey than a decision.

With many different models easily available online, parents often find themselves confused and overwhelmed.

This Chicco Polly High Chair review is specifically designed to help parents identify their needs and requirements to make the right choice.

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