4moms High Chair Review

4moms High Chair Review

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4moms High Chair: QUICK OVERVIEW





Mealtime doesn’t have to be stressful if you invest in the right type of high chair. When your young one is finally starting to eat solid foods, it’s time to get them a high chair with a tray. This enables them to sit with you during meals and teaches them the value of using bowls, plates, forks, and spoons.

Selecting a high chair can be frustrating if you don’t know what features to look for. To help take some of that anguish away, we’d like to recommend and review the 4moms High Chair. We'll give you a comprehensive breakdown as to why this is one of the best high chairs today.

4moms High Chair Review

The 4moms High Chair is designed to make mealtime easy by including quick-snap magnetic parts. No more frustrating locks, switches, or tools needed to adjust your child's high chair.

Instead, you can quickly guide the tray into position, and it will snap shut. Plus, the utensils, plates, and bowls stick to the tray, which prevents spilling and messes.

Who Is This Product For?

Any child ranging in ages between zero and 18 months can use this chair as long as they are under 60 pounds. We suggest that it’s best used on four-month-olds and older, as babies will not have the support they need.

What’s Included?

The package includes the 4moms High Chair that comes in the dimensions 22” x 38” x 28” and weighs approximately 15 pounds. The set also contains one magnetic bowl.

Overview of the Features

Here’s an overview of the 4moms High Chair:

  • Magnetic Attachments

There are magnets located on the sides of the tray as well as the tray attachment. This makes setup and cleanup hassle-free, as you won’t need to use both hands.

In addition, the tray can attach to two separate levels, which makes it easy to either have the tray near you or your child.

  • Easy-to-Clean Surface

Both the tray and the seat are easy to clean because of their design. The tray features a dishwasher-safe surface that can also be wiped down.

On the other hand, the seat includes an outer removable foam lining, which can help keep the seat sanitary. This is especially useful for messy eaters or those who like to throw their food.

  • Removable Tray

The bottom part of the tray sits flat on any surface and keeps magnetic bowls, silverware, and cups level while moving. There’s no risk of spillage, and the very top layer of the trap can be removed for easy cleaning.

This ensures that you can get every nook and cranny and prevent germs from building up. Plus, the tray can fit onto other flat surfaces, which allows you to have your child eat with you on the table.

  • Multiple Adjustments

Along with other elements, the 4moms High Chair includes three height positions. The first one is perfect for older children when they can eat on their own. As for the second recline, it’s ideal for lounging and for younger children who still need to be bottle fed.

Lastly, the furthest recline is perfect for sleeping between, after, or before meals. Although, it does lack other forms of adjustments.

  • Additional Accessories for Purchase

The magnetic top tray enables you to use the magnetic bowl along with other types of utensils. Head to the 4moms’ site for more options, including bowls, plates, and sippy cups. If using your own plates and utensils, be warned that the magnetic surface may not work.


Setting up the 4moms High Chair takes little to no time because of its unique design. First, place your child into the seat and use the safety buckle to lock them in place.

Next, adjust the recline to your desired level before attaching the tray. Hold the tray over the edges, and you'll hear an audible clicking sound of the magnets snapping together.

From here, fill the bowls, plates, and cups with your child's favorite foods before placing them onto the tray. Again, you'll hear an audible click as the magnets attached to one another. Your child can then eat alone, and there will be less of a mess due to spills or tips.

Once your child is done, you can snap away from the tray and separate the top layer. Place the top layer into the dishwasher, and you're done.


While the 4moms High Chair is a great brand, it does tend to be out of some parents’ price ranges. A more affordable alternative is the Ingenuity Trio Elite 3. It includes a wipeable and washable fabric design and tray. This allows you to clean up after mealtime quickly.

The high chair can be adjusted to fit both toddlers and young children. Take off the first layer, and it becomes an excellent chair for toddlers. Repeat the step again, and it’s useful for young children. If you’re looking for an affordable booster chair for all ages, then this will surely please you.

Other than that, there are safety features, which include a three-point and five-point harness system. This ensures that your little one won’t fall out of the chair, even if they are shaking and wobbling. Other than that, the chair is made from a plush fabric, which makes it comfortable to sit in.

Lastly, while this high chair does come in a variety of sizes, it is only recommended to use this with toddlers up to 50 pounds.


Overall, the 4moms High Chair is useful for several reasons. The magnetic lining is a feature you won’t find anywhere else and can save you if your child likes to move around during meal time.

If you don’t want to deal with the constant hassle of checking on them, buying the 4moms utensils and dining ware is also worth it. We’d say that the high chair is one of the best we’ve seen today and hope to see more from this brand. If it is a bit too pricey, you can alternatively use the Ingenuity Trio Elite 3.

We hope that we’ve helped you out a bit and that you’ve found a high chair to accommodate your child during their meals.

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