Baby Bjorn High Chair Review

Baby Bjorn High Chair Review

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Quick Overview






  • Sleek, modern design
  • Comes with a safety harness
  • Has an adjustable and removable tray
  • Childproof tray lock
  • Equipped with a footrest
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable


  • Your child might outgrow it quickly
  • Quite expensive

From the excitement of putting your baby in their new high chair for the first time to the irritation when you trip over it for the hundredth time—feeding time with your baby can be a roller coaster of emotions.

Finding a high chair that is safe for your baby to sit in while they’re eating is a priority. However, one that doesn’t take over your entire kitchen for a year or more of your life would be great too!.

Shopping online is fantastic when it comes to giving you a large variety of options, but sometimes, it can be pretty overwhelming because there’s so much to choose from. In this Baby Bjorn High Chair review, we look at the features that make this high chair stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to see if it could be the high chair you need in your life.

Baby Bjorn High Chair

Founded back in 1961, Baby Bjorn is a Swedish, family-owned company that aims to make the lives of parents easier. Baby Bjorn refuses to compromise on safety, quality, and design when designing innovative, useful products for parents of infants up to three years old.

Who Is This Product For?

This high chair is ideal for new parents who are looking for a safe place for their children to sit while they feed them. The seat does not recline, so it should only be used by babies who can fully support their own weight when seated. Baby Bjorn recommends this high chair for babies aged six months to three years.

What’s Included?

You’ll be pleased to hear that your new high chair will arrive already assembled. You just need to attach the legs, which is something that’s really simple to do and requires no tools. A detachable tray should also be included in the package.

Overview of the Features

As we tried and tested this chair so that we can make this Baby Bjorn High Chair review, these were the main features that we thought were particularly noteworthy:

  • Modern and Space-Saving Design

The first thing we noticed about this chair was its clean, modern design. Available in two color combinations, which were white and gray and powder pink and gray, it will add a touch of class to anyone’s home. The simplicity of the design also means that it’s pretty lightweight, and it doesn’t take up as much space in the kitchen.

The chair folds down for easy transportation and storage, too. If you need to get the chair out of your way, then you can easily fold it away. Once folded, the chair takes up only 89 x 44 x 25 centimeters of space. You can slide it into a cupboard or behind a door, and it would take up much less space than other high chairs we’ve seen.

  • Safety Features

When the chair opens up, it creates a really nice, sturdy base. The tray is removable, but when it’s on the high chair, you can lock it into place so that your child won’t be able to remove it. This is great as it becomes almost impossible for your little one to try and stand up in their chair. There is a safety harness included, too, ensuring they stay put at mealtimes.

  • Smooth Surfaces

We love the fact that this chair is so easy to clean! The smooth surfaces are easily wiped down with a cloth, and there are no hard-to-get-to areas either.

  • Adjustable Tray

The tray is adjustable,so you can fit it snugly against your baby’s tummy. This is brilliant for preventing food from collecting in your kid’s lap. Once mealtime’s over, you can remove the tray and hand-wash it, or you can throw it in the dishwasher.

How to Get the Most out of Your Baby Bjorn High Chair

To get the most out of your high chair, you’ll need to make use of its portability and the fact that it folds away for easy storage.

To turn this high chair from fully open to transport or storage mode, you first need to hold in the red adjustment button. Then, pull the black fold locks over the red button, and fold up the tray. Next, push in the leg locks and push the legs together. Now, your Baby Bjorn High Chair is ready to go wherever you are!


You can probably tell from the Baby Bjorn High Chair review that we really liked the way it looked. However, it is very modern (and white!), which means it won’t be to everyone’s taste. If your tastes are more traditional, then we suggest you take a look at the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair.

This chair is classy-looking and comes in two natural wood options (mahogany and light) with different colored cushions to choose from. When we realized that you could use this chair like a normal dining room chair and as a high chair, well, we nearly fell off our chairs! It doesn’t take long to make the switch, and you don’t need tools either.

The cushion on the chair is waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to wipe down. The tray is removable with one hand, which is helpful, and it’s dishwasher safe, too. The rest of the chair can be wiped down, as well. However, the fact that it offers so many adjustable height options does mean there are more crevices for food to hide and get stuck in!

When we found the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair, we were actually blown away by the dual-purpose ability of this chair, which is useful for infants all the way through to grown-ups! The adjustable height options are great for a quickly growing child. The chair also has a lot of thoughtful options included, such as the waterproof cushion and one-handed tray operation.


Compared to the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair, the one from Baby Bjorn is just so much more compact and lightweight! Easier to move around the home, and take with you to Grandma’s, many high chairs are just too bulky and are always getting in the way.

The childproof lock on the tray is also a really great safety feature, which keeps your child in their seat at all times. This makes it easier to clean, too. After all, since you’ll be cleaning it a lot already, you best choose one that is easier to clean than its counterparts!

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