Best Wooden High Chairs for Your Baby and Toddler

Best Wooden High Chairs for Your Baby and Toddler

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Wooden high chairs are a unique option you may choose for their appearance, health benefits, and ease of use. They have multiple benefits, including the fact that they encourage correct, comfortable sitting posture and are nearly endlessly durable, attractive, and versatile.

We have taken everything into account while reviewing our three top picks among wooden high chairs. The best wooden high chair should be safe, sturdy, visually appealing, and adjustable to some extent. Each of the chairs we found fulfills those requirements to some degree.

Best Wooden High Chairs
Comparison Chart

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray. The Perfect Adjustable Baby Highchair Solution for Your Babies and Toddlers or as a Dining Chair. (6 Months up to 250 Lb) (Natural Wood – Black Cushion)

Costzon Wooden Highchair, Baby Dining Chair with Adjustable Height, Removable Tray, 5-Point Safety Harness, Padded Cushion, Perfect Toddlers Feeding Chair

Asunflower Wooden High Chair Adjustable Feeding Baby Highchairs Solution with Tray for Baby/Infants/Toddlers

Best Wooden High Chairs Reviews

1. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

The Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair has a fresh, genuine appearance that will look well in any home. Its removable cushions come in several attractive colors, and they are waterproof and washable.

The chair itself is made of beech wood harvested from sustainable forests. It is sturdy and natural looking.

The chair can be adjusted to three different heights and comes with a removable tray. It is specifically designed to be your child’s chair for life. Once he or she has outgrown using the tray, you can adjust the chair to the correct height and transfer them to the table.

With the tray and straps removed, it can actually function as a regular dining chair, even for adults. For all its simplicity, this is a versatile piece of furniture.

The comfortable cushions and straight back construction allow this chair to encourage great posture, which will only increase the user’s personal comfort and health. It’s a popular choice for children who have special needs, as the correct posture encourages attention and correct eating habits.

The chair is highly stable; you won’t have to worry about it tipping or rocking. The basic A-frame construction makes it virtually untippable without taking up a lot of space.

It is manufactured in the USA, and assembly is simple and quick. The safety harness goes above and beyond, allowing you to customize it for your child’s needs and eventually remove it altogether.


  • check
    Easy to clean; just wipe everything down with a damp cloth
  • check
    No tools are needed for adjustments
  • check
    Includes the option of a five-point or a three-point harness
  • check
    Supports up to 250 pounds
  • check
    Compact with a small footprint


  • The tray is smaller than most high chairs
  • The tray is a bit too heavy to handle with one hand

2. Costzon Wooden High Chair

Another of our top choices for the best wooden highchair is the Costzon Wooden High Chair. This chair is modern and stylish, with a dark finish. Carefully polished edges and a nontoxic top coat ensure your child is safe from splinters and chemicals while sitting in this chair.

The chair allows you to adjust the height, both of the seat and the footrest, so it can grow with your child. A six-month-old, a toddler, and even a preschooler can sit comfortably in the Costzon chair. When your child is ready to sit at the table, just remove the tray, adjust the seat height, and slide them up.

The tray has a removable plastic insert for easy cleaning, and the cushions may also be completely removed and laundered. The rest of the chair can be wiped down with a wet cloth. To avoid damage to the finish, it is recommended that you wipe it down regularly and dry it afterward.

This high chair is easy to assemble, and when complete, it has a compact footprint, which is hardly bigger than that of a regular dining chair. Without the tray, it becomes just another lovely wooden chair that can be adjusted for a smaller person.


  • check
    Sturdy and constructed of high-quality materials
  • check
    Keeps your little one secure
  • check
    Compact A-frame design
  • check
    Little to no rocking or tipping
  • check
    Supports up to 100 pounds
  • check
    Comes with two, comfortable padded cushions


  • Wood seems to chip and scratch easily
  • Cushions may slip down if your child’s feet catch them while you’re putting them in

3. Asunflower Wooden High Chair

The Asunflower Wooden High Chair is another clean, modern-looking high chair. It is made of light-colored beech wood and white, food-grade PP.

Durable and simply-designed, this chair will last for years. Its neutral colors and aesthetic design allow it to fit in with any kitchen design.

Even better, the chair is comfortable and stable, and it comes with a safety belt, and the footrest is adjustable. As your child grows, you can make sure he or she is sitting securely and properly by lowering the footrest to accommodate her or him. This chair is easy to assemble but may take a few minutes due to a lack of clear instructions.

The high chair’s simple design and sturdy materials also make it very easy to clean. There are no creases in the seat to collect dirt, and the entire chair can be wiped down with a wet rag. The tray can be removed and washed separately, and the safety harness can also be removed to be washed.

The Asunflower wooden high chair can bear up to 88 pounds. It’s versatile enough that as your child grows, you can move them to the table while still giving them the benefit of the seat’s extra height and security.


  • check
    Little to no wobbling or tipping
  • check
    Takes up very little room
  • check
    Removable harness and tray
  • check
    May be used for children as young as six months
  • check
    Babies can be lifted out without removing the tray


  • Does not come with a cushion; must be purchased separately
  • The tray can be difficult to remove


Each of these high chairs has its own unique look and benefits. Wooden chairs are traditionally longer-lasting than regular plastic, so any of these purchases would be a great value.

All have a conveniently small footprint and attractive designs. Even better, each one will be a comfortable and secure seat for your child, encouraging them to sit properly and eventually join you at the table.

For us, the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair definitely comes out on top as the best wooden high chair. Of the three chairs we reviewed, the Abiie Beyond can support the most weight.

It is also the most versatile, allowing you to use it as a regular dining chair as your child outgrows the tray and safety belt. It is comfortable, easy to wash, and overall a top-quality wooden chair.

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