boon flair high chair review

Boon Flair High Chair Review

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New parents have a variety of things to purchase for their baby’s arrival, but one essential item is a high chair. You may not need it immediately as your baby will nurse or use a bottle, but it’s important to think about it. That way, you are prepared when the baby is ready to sit up and eat.

You’ll find a variety of products on the market, so it can be a bit hard to choose one. We decided to share this Boon Flair High Chair review to give you a better idea of how it works. Therefore, you can get the information necessary to make the right buying decision for your needs.

Boon Flair High Chair Review

Boon is a manufacturer of baby products so you can find almost everything your little one needs, including bottles, toys, straws, drying racks, and high chairs. The company has a dedication to quality and safety while providing the most innovative and fun products. It’s possible to find these products from a variety of online retailers.

Who Is This Product For?

Primarily, the Boon Flair High Chair is designed for babies and young children who are ready to sit up and eat food. However, it’s also focused on the parents who might want to keep their baby close without risking an injury to the baby’s hands. This product goes underneath most tables, so your little one sits as high as the rest of the family.

What’s Included?

The high chair is designed to work as a single unit, though there are multiple parts. Its base comes detached and requires installation to the seat. A tray is also included and affixes to the chair. Nonetheless, the package comes with instructions to help you put the item together.

Overview of Features

For most people, a high chair is a place where your baby or toddler can sit and be part of the family. You don’t need anything more than the chair itself, and it is freestanding. Thus, your little one can be comfortable, safe, and restrained during mealtime.

The Boon Flair High Chair is designed to easily fit underneath tables, even with the pedestal base. The bottom is also wide enough so that there is no risk of it tipping over, even if your baby likes to move about during meals. It can also glide smoothly, ensuring that you don’t have that "bump and scrape" if you need to move the chair to another location.

Where safety is concerned, this product offers a five-point harness, as well as a safety post. You can strap the child in without fear that he or she will slip between the tray and the bottom of the seat. The straps are adjustable, as well, fitting a wide range of sizes.

Additionally, the straps are easy to clean. They are not removable or machine-washable, but you can wipe them with a soft cloth dipped into a mild soap solution. It is recommended to clean the straps after each meal to prevent microbial growth and unpleasant odors.

How to Get the Most out of a High Chair?

When it comes to buying a high chair, safety is of the utmost concern. It’s a good idea to install the item and make sure it is sturdy before doing anything else. You should also pay close attention to the built-in safety features and ensure that you know how to buckle your baby into it.

The best thing you can do is to sit down with your child while they eat. It’s important to be around in case something happens and they choke. Along with such, it is a good idea to bond with the baby at mealtimes rather than cleaning up or doing other tasks.

  • Feedings Only

You should understand that the high chair is designed to make feeding times easier. It should not be used as a method of control for your baby. When he or she is eating, they need a safe, secure place to be, but they also need to move around, play, and have other interactions than sitting all the time.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the meal is prepared and ready before you place your baby in the high chair. You should also remove any electronic devices and toys from sight, so they will focus on eating; that includes loud music and the television.

After they’ve finished eating, remove the plate and take them out of the chair immediately. That instills in your little one that the chair is only for meals and not something to be played in or around.

  • Clean Up

Babies are going to make a mess, and that is part of their development. Therefore, you should ensure that the high chair you purchase is easy to clean. Many times, trays come with a liner that can be removed and washed in the sink or placed in a dishwasher, though you should read the instructions before doing so.


While we are sure that you’ll love this product for the many features it includes, we wanted to give you an alternative to consider. The Bloom Fresco Chrome Starter Kit offers a similar design, though it is a bit more streamlined.

It’s is similar in height to the Boon Flair High Chair, but it makes for easier adjustments while your young one is in the seat. That means you can raise or lower it, scoot it over, and more.

Plus, it’s also designed to be used from birth through school age. Of course, it does cost more than the other product, but it can be used a lot longer.


We believe that every parent needs to have a sturdy, safe high chair for their young child. It is essential when your baby can’t sit up without help or is prone to falling.

Our Boon Flair High Chair review shows that it is an excellent addition to your home. It comes in a variety of colors, is easy to set-up, and offers a pedestal base. This ensures that your baby won’t fall out of it. Along with such, it features six urethane casters, which can protect the floors.

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