Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover/High Chair Cover for Baby Review

Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover/High Chair Cover for Baby Review

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Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover/High Chair Cover for Baby: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Easy to use
  • Machine washable

What We Don't Like

  • Only comes in two color choices

Okay, let’s hear it for going on an outing with baby. Doesn’t the thought just get you all tingly inside? Of course it does. You want your baby with you when you go shopping or out to a restaurant.

 But as baby grows it gets tougher to tote around a baby carrier with baby in it to use in a shopping cart. Then of course you hate to deal with the barely wiped down unhygienic high chairs in restaurants. It’s a real bother to bring your own, even if it is lightweight and portable. Now, you have options: Crocnfrog to the rescue.

Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover/High Chair Cover for Baby Review

Shopping cart seats and restaurant high chairs may be too big, too cold, or too unhygienic to suit you. Simply stuffing a blanket into the space doesn’t do a whole lot of good. So, Crocnfrog has produced a nifty little gadget that can be very useful to moms and dads with a small baby as it offers your baby protection from those germy seats.

Billed as a shopping cart cover and high chair cover, this product fits most shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. You can use it at home or when you go shopping or out for dinner. This product is a twofer.

Constructed of high quality polyester fabric, the sitting area is made of 100 per cent breathable cotton. This cover will fit most standard shopping carts such as those found in Walmart. For larger carts such as those found in Target and Costco, the company also has a separate and larger product.

In less than a minute, you can fold and unfold the cover for use. The cover remains attached while in use and doubles as storage space. It also has three loops where you can attach toys for baby to play with.

As an added bonus, it’s completely machine washable so you know you can always offer your baby a clean place to sit.

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone who ever has to go anywhere with a baby that will require the baby to sit in a provided cart or chair. Easy to use and inexpensive, this cover comes in its own carrying case that weighs less than a pound.

What’s included?

The seat cover weighs in at just under a pound – 14.4 ounces – and comes in its own self-storing handbag.

Overview of features

This seat cover doubles as a shopping cart cover or high chair seat cover. Whether at home or away from home, we always want to be sure of the safety and comfort of our children. And this particular product gives an extra layer of protection from the germs and crud found on shopping cart seats and high chairs in public places like restaurants.

Constructed of soft polyester fabric with 100 per cent cotton on the seat itself, the cover offers a soft and comfortable place for baby to sit while you shop or dine in a restaurant.

The seat has two buckles. The one in the back secures the cover to the seat. The one in the front keeps baby in the seat so you don’t have to worry about them sliding out

Three toy loops allow you to add baby’s favorite toys to keep them entertained; a bottle strap ensures you don’t have to stop every 30 seconds to pick it up from the floor.

The purse that the cover comes in remains attached and becomes the perfect storage pack for extras like diapers and wipes. The fabric comes in two different designs to choose from.


Very easy to use, this little cover needs no instruction as it has been designed to work completely intuitively.

Unfold it from the zippered purse and place it in the cart or high chair. Attach the cover to the cart with the rear buckle so the cover won’t slide around. Place baby in the seat and buckle them in with the provided straps.

When finished, simply roll it back up and stuff it all back into the purse to take to your next destination..


There are a few similar products on the market and they are all in the same basic price range of between $21 and $37. Designs of the fabric are different, they all weigh pretty much the same and they all accomplish the same goal.

If you know how to sew, even a little, you can always make your own. You can download free patterns from the internet and then add features you might think of that you might like. You only need beginning sewing skills to make one of these.


All in all, this is a good product. People who bought it seem to have liked it very much as they rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s lightweight, easy to use, keeps baby in a clean environment, is inexpensive, attractive, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

This makes a great shower or baby gift. If you’re expecting a baby, you might think about placing this on your gift registry. If no one makes a gift of it to you, go out and buy it yourself. You’ll be very happy to have it once you start getting out with that precious bundle of joy.

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