Graco Slim Snacker High Chair Review

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair Review

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Graco Slim Snacker High Chair: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Versatile and adaptable according to changing needs
  • Accommodates children up to 60 pounds
  • Food tray dishwasher safe

What We Don't Like

  • Chair pad may not hold up well after repeated washings
  • Assembly required with instructions not always clear
  • Not collapsible and takes up lots of space

Babies need strollers, walkers, cribs, playpens, bathtubs, toys, and furniture, just to name a few things. Among those items listed with furniture are high chairs. These days they come with all sorts of features and safety considerations and generally speaking, the more features they have, the bigger they are and the more space they take up.

Some people have enough space in their home to not even give this a second thought, but if space is at a premium in your home, you might consider Graco’s Slim Snacker High Chair.

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair Review

Designed to be a fully functional high chair that takes up little space, this little high chair has all the safety features as well as the capability to grow with your child. It can accommodate babies of only a few months old through toddlers and it stores easily.

Who is this product for?

There are basically three main uses for this particular high chair. The first is for the parent who would like to introduce baby to the high chair before they can reliably sit up, because the seat on this chair has three positions, and one of them is at a recline. Very young babies of only a few months can sit and watch the family at the dinner table and be fed a bottle safely in this position.

The second use is for a small space. While it still has all the basic safety features of larger chairs, it takes of relatively little space and can fold up and be stored out of the way when not in use.

The third use is possibly as a second chair in the home, where there is a larger chair available in the usual dining area. This chair will allow the parent to easily relocate the chair into other areas of the home so that baby can be with them in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the living room.

What’s included?

The chair comes with all necessary pieces and is easy to assemble. You only need to connect the legs and the tray. The chair also comes with a video for you to review, however some have reported that the video they received is not for the chair they have.

Overview of features

This high chair comes from Graco, a leader in the baby products industry. Small and compact, it takes little room when in use, and less in storage. While Graco calls it a portable high chair, it weighs almost 18 pounds which could prove challenging for some people, particularly when carrying baby with one arm.

The chair has three positions for feeding, allowing for even very young babies who cannot yet sit up reliably or hold their head up yet to join the family at mealtime.

While the chair itself may have a slim silhouette, the food tray itself is full-sized and has a built-in cup holder for bottles or sippy cups.

When mealtime or snack time is done, it folds up with an easy, one-second fold that lets you store it in a matter of seconds. And you have no need to lean it up against a wall so that it doesn’t fall over; it will stand on its own.

It has a large mesh basket at the bottom that allows you to keep extra things, such as wipes, bibs, or other mealtime essentials close at hand. And the chair covering itself, wipes clean easily. However, some who have purchased this product claim that while the fabric may wipe up with ease, food bits tend to lodge behind it because it can find a path through the slits where the security straps come through.

The security harness converts from 3-point to 5-point to accommodate your growing child at various stages of development. In addition, the chair has a footrest which further helps to keep baby from slipping out as well as giving them a greater sense of security.

This chair has many positives, including the three-position reclining seat, easy storage and portability. However, some have reported difficulties cleaning small bits of food and liquids from small spaces such as where the security straps slide through the chair pad and have returned the chair for that reason alone.

Some people report being sent a different chair than the one they ordered and that the video that comes with the chair is not for the chair they have.


Open the box and remove all the pieces. For the most part, the chair is assembled. You need only attach the legs and the tray. However, the chair comes with a video that shows assembly and emphasizes safe operation.


This chair has many positives and most people seem to like it, but some claim to have problems keeping it free of spilled food and liquids. Some also say it’s not as easy to fold away as the manufacturer claims.

For those who seek an alternative, the marketplace offers several, including others from the Graco line. Most cost about the same, while others will cost over $100. Each one has the standard safety features so that’s not a concern.

One alternative is the Evenflo Convertible High Chair, another well-known manufacturer in the baby product industry. It weighs only about 12 pounds and is less expensive than this Graco model.

While this Graco model does all that it says it will do, the Evenflo model does triple duty as it acts as a high chair, a “my time chair” that sits low to the floor, and disassembles into a child-sized table and chair.

In addition, it does have the three seat positions so that you can use it for vary young babies, and it will accommodate children well into the toddler stage.

It also addresses the problem of cleaning with a totally removable and machine washable seat pad.


Overall, people like this Graco chair. They rated it at 4.5 out of 5 stars but there were some complaints. With highly rated products, you will usually see a few negative reviews but not quite this many. That alone would make me think twice before buying. On the other hand, those who gave this chair a good rating loved it and would highly recommend it.

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