IKEA Antilop Highchair Review

IKEA Antilop Highchair Review

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Quick Overview






  • Easy to clean, assemble, and disassemble
  • Safe to use
  • Stable
  • Affordable


  • Non-removable straps
  • Cannot be folded down

When your baby starts growing, it’s only natural to want to help them on their journey. The best way to do that is to give them a seat right at the table. However, safety and height is a concern, which is why high chairs are often used.

Our Antilop Highchair review talks about the product and manufacturer in detail so that you have the necessary information you need. We included the top features of the product, as well as alternative products. If that weren’t enough, you can find out more about the cushion made for the chair, which is sold separately.

Antilop Highchair Review

IKEA is the maker of this high chair, and it is a Swedish company that sells a variety of furniture products, appliances, and home accessories. As such, it also offers many baby items.

It’s one of the largest furniture retailers since 2008 and has grown steadily popular. In 1943, Ingvar Kamprad founded the business when he was just 17 years old. He was listed as one of the richest men in the world in 2015 and is worth over $40 billion.

The term IKEA is an acronym of the gentleman’s initials mixed with the farm where he grew up and his hometown. As such, it has significant meaning for him.

This business is a private company and is registered in the Netherlands. It is currently controlled by the founder’s sons. People can find their products at IKEA stores and online through third-party e-commerce websites.

Who Is This Product For?

High chairs are designed to be a safe place for your baby to learn to eat. Primarily, new parents are going to need one when their little one is old enough to sit up on their own. Usually, this happens around six months of age, but it can be a little later or earlier.

Since you have to spend so much time researching, it’s ideal to find the high chair you like before your child is going to need it. Plus, you may have specific needs from the chair, such as easy assembly, safety belts, and spacing.

What’s Included?

When buying a new product, it is essential to know what’s included with it. The Antilop Highchair is disassembled when it comes to your door, so you will need to put it together.

It comes with the chair or base, four legs, and a tray. No tools are included or needed for assembly. The legs are designed to snap right into the chair’s base.

Its safety buckles are already attached to the chair from the bottom. Once you snap all the legs into place, you can start using the chair.

Overview of Features

Here are some of the things this chair can offer:

  • Style

This model features a tray that’s designed to stay attached to the frame. While it can take some time to get used to, it makes mealtimes easier and simpler to start. Plus, it can reduce clutter in the dining room or kitchen.

The look is attractive, even though it is plain and simple. Its seat is white, as well as the tray, though the steel legs are silver-toned.

The chair is quite basic, but it can be modified. If you choose to buy the optional back pillow, your younger baby is boosted up closer to the tray. Nonetheless, you can use the chair without the covering, allowing you to bring it closer to the table for bonding purposes.

One thing that should be noted is that this chair doesn’t have an adjustable height. It’s designed to fit at most tables with or without the tray. That way, your baby feels like part of the family early on.

  • Stability and Safety

It is essential that the high chair you choose is stable. This means that when your baby is in it, they can’t push away from the table, tip over, or fall out of the seat.

The Antilop Highchair features small "nubs" on the bottoms of the legs to help protect your floors from getting scratched. Plus, they prevent the chair from easily being pushed away from the table. Some sliding can occur on wooden floors, though, so it might be a good idea to use a floor cover.

Along with that, safety is also a consideration. Before you put your baby into the seat, you should give it a gentle push to ensure that it isn’t wobbly at all. It’s also important to make sure the chair has safety straps or a harness.

This product uses a three-point harness, which is quite safe. You put your child into the seat with his or her legs sticking out of the holes.

One strap comes up from the bottom between the legs. The two waist straps click into the buckle attached to the center strap.

  • Ease of Cleaning

It doesn’t matter who you talk to. Parents of babies want products that can be cleaned repeatedly without standing over it and scrubbing. In fact, it’s the primary reason that people love or hate their high chairs.

Of course, babies are messy by nature. They’re learning how to eat real food, and they’re most likely to do it with their hands. The tray will take the brunt of the mess, but the seat itself may also have food bits to clean up.

The Antilop Highchair does not have any cushions or padding, so there aren’t any places for food bits to hide. Primarily, the entire chair is crafted in a single piece. Therefore, you won’t find any cracks or seams where food can get inside and be hard to clean.

Some chairs are modular, but this one has no difficult-to-reach areas. As such, liquids can’t pool in them, making it a mess when you remove your baby.

Busy parents without a lot of time to clean will enjoy the removable tray as it can be put in the dishwasher (top rack), so it’s clean and sanitized. Though the straps on this high chair aren’t removable, they feature small grooves. If your baby wears a long bib, it should cover the straps so that food doesn’t get ground into them.

  • Ease of Storage and Transport

For most families, there isn’t a lot of space to go around. The overall footprint of the high chair needs to be smaller. Often, it’s easier if the product can be disassembled easily between mealtimes and then reassembled.

You’ll find that the Antilop Highchair does have a normal footprint, so it’s not considered compact. It also will not fold up, though it does stack with other of the same high chairs.

Although you can’t fold it down and move it out of the way, you can quickly disassemble it. That way, you can take it apart and bring it with you when you travel.

  • Good Value

Another factor to consider is the value of the price you pay. Of course, you should never base your choice solely on how much it costs. Some products may come with many extra features, making the price go up.

This high chair doesn’t have many perks, which helps to keep the price low, and although you do have to put it together, you don’t need any tools. This can also save you money because you aren’t going to have to run out and buy a screwdriver or anything.

  • Assembly

Primarily, IKEA focuses on making easy-to-assemble products. That way, the company can sell its items cheaper than the competition while still providing excellent quality and value. As such, yes, the Antilop Highchair is quite easy to assemble.

When you get the package, it’s best to open it, remove everything, and assess what is there. You should have an instruction manual listing all the pieces. For most people, its picture-only directions are easy to follow.

Most people can complete assembly in under 10 minutes. If you like to read, assembly instructions can be found on the website. Plus, you can find a variety of instructional videos on YouTube that might help.

How to Use the High Chair

It is quite easy to use a high chair. Before you do anything else, though, you should assemble it correctly.

Once it’s put together, give it a gentle shake to make sure that it is sturdy and won’t shift. Pick up your child and carefully lower them to the seat. Most babies will automatically slide their legs into the holes and sit down.

When your baby is in the chair, make sure to buckle them into it for safety. If you’re using the tray, make sure your little one’s hands are out of the way. Then, put it on by using the side pieces and ensuring that they attach.

Lower the tray downward slowly. When you can’t lower it anymore, give it a gentle push, and it will click into place.

  • After Eating or When Planning to Travel

After the meal, you should remove the tray, setting it down in a safe place so that you can clean it later. You may choose to clean up your little one and remove their bib. Then, you just unbuckle the straps, pick up your child, and remove them from the seat.

If you need the space, it might be best to disassemble the chair between uses. To do this, turn the chair over so that the seat is on the ground and the legs are in the air.

Press firmly into the side of the chair’s base where the metal piece is sticking out. This releases the nub from the socket so that the leg will come out easily. Do this for all four legs.

The bucket seat, tray, and legs can also be put in the vehicle and taken anywhere. You can use it at the beach, at a friend’s house, and more.

  • Optional Cushion

We didn’t want to forget about the support pillow you can purchase for the Antilop chair. It’s made by IKEA, so you know it’s designed to fit correctly.

This cushion is inflatable, and your child can have more support while sitting in the chair. If your little one is too small to sit back or can move around a lot, then that can be dangerous. This support pillow keeps them in place while making them more comfortable.


Even though we think you’ll like the Antilop Highchair, we wanted to give you another product to consider. That way, you can compare them to determine which one is best for you.

The Joovy Nook High Chair features a white base, as well, but it has included chair pads in different colors. In terms of space, it does have a smaller footprint than the Antilop chair.

The chair also features floor pads to prevent scratches and slipping. You’ll also find that the tray stays attached and adjusts to four different positions. It includes a tray insert, which is dishwasher-safe. Plus, this high chair folds down with one hand, making it easier to put it away after mealtimes.


This Antilop Highchair review was meant to help you learn more about the product and how beneficial it can be to you and your kid. If the style isn’t of the utmost concern and you like the utilitarian approach, you’re sure to like this high chair!

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