ZOE Five-in-One Convertible High Chair Review

ZOE Five-in-One Convertible High Chair Review

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ZOE Five-in-One Convertible High Chair: QUICK OVERVIEW





When it comes to keeping your child fed and safe, there’s no better method than investing in a high chair. However, there are so many different models, versions, and types of high chairs that it can become confusing when you’re searching for the perfect one.

As a new parent or someone looking to upgrade their current high chair, we’ll introduce you to one of the best high chairs of today. In this article, we will be reviewing the ZOE Five-in-One Convertible High Chair.

ZOE Five-in-One Convertible
High Chair Review

ZOE is a uniquely designed brand that focuses on providing a high chair that can transform into other needed children essentials. If you haven’t heard of a five-in-one high chair, you can relish in the fact that most of us also haven’t.

The five-in-one refers to the chair’s ability to transform from a high chair or low chair into a booster chair. The chair can also be used as a floor entertainer or even as a table and chair set. As you can imagine, this is essential for all parents.

Who Is This Product For?

While this product is recommended for toddlers, young children can also use it. The weight limit on the chair is around 50 pounds, which means that it can accommodate most young children.

Plus, there are multiple adjustments that allow you to use the chair as your kid grows.

What’s Included?

The package includes the ZOE Five-in-One Convertible High Chair, which features four different sections. There’s the detachable tray, the connecting table underneath, and a small storage bag.

Overview of the Features

Here’s a close look at what the ZOE Five-in-One Convertible High Chair can offer:

  • Plush Microfiber Seat

Being comfortable during meals can help prevent your child from becoming too loud or too energetic. The seating features around half an inch thick of microfiber stuffing. This not only enables your kid to be happy but also allows them to rest in the chair as well.

  • Washable

If mealtime tends to get messy, detach the removable and washable seating. There are a few tiny holes located on the plastic backing of the chair.

Push the attachments into the holes, and the exterior microfiber layer will stick. It’s convenient, makes cleanup easy, and can be placed into the washing machine.

  • Five-Point Harness

Safety is also essential, which is why they’ve included a five-point adjustable harness. Strap your kid in, and they won’t be going anywhere. This helps prevent the chair from tipping over and enables you to focus on other tasks while they’re eating.

  • Removable Tray and Top

The top compartment of the tray can be easily removed for easy cleaning. It’s dishwasher-safe and pops out of the sockets with one hand. No mess, no hassle, and it makes cleanup less of a burden.

  • Strap Storage

Located on the sides of the high chair are two compartments that pop open and contain straps. These straps can stretch and are used to help attach the high chair to a dining chair or other seating.

When you’re done, you can simply remove the straps, and they will recoil back into the compartments.

  • Anti-Slide Bottom Pads

The bottom section of the main chair contains bottom pads that help prevent the unit from moving around. This is useful for those who have kids who love to wobble around while eating their meals. However, the padding also helps prevent scratches to your flooring or other furniture.

  • Rear Hook Tray and Handle

Located on the back of the seat are a rear hook and extra tray holder that allows you to store it away when not in use. The hook is easy to use and keeps the tray dangling from the back, but it may not be the most stable.

On the other hand, the carrying handle comes in handy when you want to transport the whole unit at once.

  • Quick-Release Legs

For reconstructing the unit, the legs release quickly and pull off without any struggle. This makes setup easier and faster, as you won’t have to use any tools or buttons.

  • Storage Shelf and Mesh Storage Basket

The bottom half of the high chair includes a storage shelf, which is underneath the seat. It multi-tasks as an extra table when you detach the main chair from the top.

Located in the middle of the table is a pull out mesh basket that is covered with a plastic lid. Easily store all the essentials, so you don’t need to walk away.


Using the ZOE Five-in-One High Chair can be difficult if you don’t know how to separate each compartment. We always recommend taking a quick look at the instructions, as this gives you a better detailing of how each piece functions.

First, the tray has two sections, which can easily detach when needed. The top of the tray is a separate piece that can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Secondly, the main chair snaps out with the press of four buttons located between the extra table and chair. Each leg of the chair comes off separately.

Once you have those removed, you can easily use the storage section by removing the plastic insert located in the middle of it. After that, you can reassemble everything as needed.


While the ZOE High Chair includes so many parts, it can be frustrating to deal with deconstructing and building it over and over again. If you’d prefer the usual type of high chair, a good alternative is the JOOVY Foodoo High Chair.

This high chair features a simplistic design that’s both easy to clean and stable. There are eight adjustable height positions, five reclining options, and two footrest placements.

 Among those, you’ll be able to use the tray with just one hand and in two different positions. The main tray can also be placed into the washing machine, which makes cleanup quicker. As for the wheels, it can move from room to room with ease because the rubber wheels are best on wooden floors


As you can see, there are plenty of different methods for finding the best high chair out there. We tend to believe that the ZOE Five-in-One High Chair is an excellent choice for parents who want to purchase a bundle.

With this high chair, you get multiple types of furniture and storage. If you compare this to other types of high chairs, they are lacking. That’s what makes the ZOE Five-in-One Convertible High Chair one of the best options for parents today.

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