Graco Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair Review

Graco Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair Review

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Weaning your baby off milk and onto solid foods can be a difficult but hugely rewarding time in their development. During this time, one piece of equipment that you won’t be able to do without is a good highchair, which will allow your baby to join you at the family dinner table at mealtimes.

Some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a highchair is how long it will be suitable for and how easy the chair is to clean up after each use to save you money and time.

Let’s check out the Table2Table 7 in 1 Highchair from Graco to see how it measures up and whether it could potentially suit your and your growing baby’s needs.

Graco Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair

The Graco brand has been established as one of the worlds most trusted suppliers of baby products for over 60 years. They boast a proud heritage of products innovated around safety, durability, and ease of use to help well-intended, loving parents focus more time on their baby.

Who Is This Product For?

The high chair can be used for infant feeds in a reclining position so it is suitable for very young babies and will continue to be suitable until they are in much older toddler age. This high chair can also be used as two separate pieces if you have two young children. It can accommodate an infant and a toddler, so it is especially useful if you plan on having a second child. Further, this highchair will eliminate the need to invest in booster seats for your older kids as they grow out of the high chair.

What’s Included?

When you order the Graco Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair, you will receive a package weighing just under 18 pounds. Along with the high chair itself, a removable seat pad and one-hand removable tray plus insert are also included.

Overview of Features

This highchair really stands out from the crowd as it is features everything a parent could want in an infant feeding chair that will grow with their child. It's super versatile with seven different seating options to choose from, easy to clean, and has the reputable Graco brand behind its design and construction.

  • Grows with Your Child

This chair is fantastic in the fact that it features seven different seating options to accommodate very small babies through to providing seating for two young children. In its high chair state, you can feed babies from a very young age due to the fact that it is reclinable, then you can use it as a traditional high chair, followed by an infant booster that accommodates the seat and tray, and then a toddler booster without the tray.

You can also use it as a toddler chair, using just the seat and legs, a toddler table and chair, and finally, using the infant booster and toddler table and chair can seat two of your kids together using just one high chair!

This high chair also has five different adjustable height positions to suit your dining table needs, a removable footrest with three different leg length options, and three different reclining angles to ensure your child’s ultimate comfort at any age.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Use

Whether the chair is folded away or not, weighing in at just under 18 pounds, it is very lightweight for products of this kind and very easy to move around. It also has two wheels on the front legs so you can wheel it from place to place if you do happen to struggle with lifting.

The feeding tray is also operated with just one hand so if you have your baby in one arm then you can still easily slide the tray out of the way with your other hand and place your baby in the seat.

  • Easy to Clean

Like most highchairs, this chair can be wiped down with warm soapy water between particularly messy mealtimes. There is a removable seat pad allowing for easier cleaning in the washing machine. The removable tray also has a dishwasher safe insert for easier cleaning.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The best way to make the most out of this chair is to invest in it when your baby is still very young so that you can use it for infant feeds right the way up until your young ones are ready to sit on a regular dinner table chair.

Moreover, using this chair for infant feeds is great as your baby is in a comfortable and supported position for the feed and can also enjoy a nap in the chair afterward. The seven different seating options and five adjustable heights mean that you can use the chair for multiple different tables around the house so that your baby is always included during mealtimes, wherever they may be.


If the Graco Table2Table High Chair is slightly out of your budget, then you could consider the Joovy Nook High Chair. This is another great high chair that folds away with just one hand, and also offers one-handed tray operation; meaning, it’s super easy to use.

To add, it has quite a large seat making it suitable for your infant when they are ready to sit at the table and eat solid food, through to toddler age of around three of four, weighing up to 50 pounds. It also folds away almost like a beach chair, making it really compact so you can take it on family days out with you (picnics and barbeques). Lastly, it comes in four great colors to choose from as well.


If you’re specifically looking for a more compact high chair that you can easily take away with you on days out, then the Joovy Nook high chair will take up less space in your car. However, the fact that it doesn’t recline means that it isn’t suitable for younger babies.

We love the Table2Table 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair from Graco the best as it’s just so versatile. Not only can use it for very young babies, but it will see you through all the different growing stages right up to the older toddler age when they’re ready to sit at the dinner table with you on a booster seat.

The fact that the chair splits and can accommodate two children is also really fantastic as when you are ready to have your second child, you already have everything you need to seat both of them comfortably.

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