Can You Buy High Chair Covers

Can You Buy High Chair Covers?

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High chairs are one of the main essentials when it comes to raising babies. They have been around for quite some time, and nowadays, their design and accessories have certainly improved for the better.

With stronger safety belts and the introduction of five-point harness systems, babies have never been safer while sitting in their high chairs. Sometimes keeping high chairs clean, however, can be a bit of a challenge, especially when they feature a white cover.

If you are thinking whether or not can you buy high chair covers, then look no further! We will answer this question throughout this article and provide you with a possible solution to your baby’s messy high chair.

Can You Buy High Chair Covers?

Can you buy high chair covers? Just when you thought you may have to throw out your child’s high chair due to the utter mess they have added to its original design, a cheaper solution entered the market, and that is the high chair cover!

High chair covers offer you the chance to improve your baby’s current chair, or completely change the design altogether while saving you money along the way. These handy covers are simply the same cover that comes with your original high chair, only they can be fitted on and removed for cleaning.

High chair covers can be found from many of the biggest baby brands on the market, and they come in a range of different styles, colors, and designs. Similarly, some will be made to increase comfort levels for your baby, while others may include extra padding in the seat to give your child extra height.

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What to Look Out For in High Chair Covers?

When purchasing a high chair cover, there are a few things you should consider before you make your decision. Here are some of the most important ones:


Quality is important when purchasing a high chair cover, as you will want something that your baby isn’t going to ruin immediately with their spilled spaghetti. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose covers made with strong fabrics, which will likely last a good amount of time before you have to purchase another.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a high chair cover is the price. You may want to avoid any covers that are too cheap. While these may be a good deal, the quality is probably not the best. It’s better to pay a bit more if you want a reliable chair cover.


If you are cautious of how products are made, where they come from, and if they are eco-friendly, then this is also something to consider for your baby’s chair cover.

Some designs may include toxic chemicals; plastic ones, especially. If you are bringing up a green baby, then make sure to check how they have been made to ensure that they are safe for your little one.


Does the chair cover you are considering offer comfort? Some high chair covers may look cute in the store, but will your baby like sitting in it every time they eat?

You will want to make sure that your baby will approve of it. If they don’t, this may be a waste of purchase, and you might have to start looking again.

Also, some high chair covers will focus more on the actual design of the fabric rather than the level of comfort it provides. If its comfort you are after, make sure to consider this in the overall design.

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Can You Wash High Chair Covers?

Are you ready to invest in several high chair covers? Before doing that, you need to know whether or not you can wash them clean first. There are a few ways to clean high chair covers, and they’re not as difficult as they seem!

If you purchased a high chair cover that is removable, then give yourself a pat on the back because a removable high chair cover will save you a lot of stress! Removable covers can easily be taken off when they need to be cleaned.

On the other hand, the more traditional high chairs that don’t offer the removable cover may, in the long-term, become dirtier as their cleaning is limited.

Non-Removable Covers

Perhaps you do own a high chair with a non-removable cover? Then, to clean it, you have three options:

Wipe Down

If there is just a little mess, then you could give it a wipe down with a wet cloth, not forgetting the frame and the tray. Allow it to dry outdoors if possible as this will give it a fresher odor.

Using A Hose

This method works best in areas with warmer weather as it will be able to dry quicker. If you have a dirty chair, and a wipe down won’t be enough, simply take the hose to your baby’s high chair and give it a good wash.


Another method that can be used is placing the entire chair in your shower if you have one. This will clean all the creases and get into areas that would otherwise be impossible to clean by hand. Afterward, simply air dry the chair in the home or outside if the temperatures permit.

Removable Covers

If your baby’s high chair has a removable cover, know that the way you clean it depends on the materials used in its manufacturing. Refer to the guide below.

Machine Washing

For those made of fabric, you can simply take the cover off the high chair, and place it in the washing machine to clean it more thoroughly. It is recommended to use a lower setting, and even presoak if you wish.

Cold water is also recommended for washing. It is also important to note that bleach is NOT advised to be used to clean baby items as this can be toxic.

Hand Washing

Perhaps the high chair cover material is a vinyl or plastic? Or even if it is soft fabric material, a hand wash can also be carried out.

Dry Cleaning

If you are not happy with cleaning the cover by yourself, or the design you have is made of a more delicate material, it can always be taken to a dry cleaner, who will be able to clean it for you professionally.

Final Words

Whether you are replacing your baby’s current high chair cover due to a disaster, or simply want to update the design, we hope that this article has helped you answer your many questions! Good luck!

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