High Chair vs Booster Seat

High Chair vs Booster Seat

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Not sure which is better: high chair vs booster seat? If you’re new to the world of parenting or are simply unsure about which type of seat is best for your little one at their current age, then this article should make things clear!

High chairs are the traditional seat that you will most likely have come across when shopping for your baby. Booster seats, on the other hand, are another popular chair type that may benefit your little one in other ways. Which baby seat is better? And when exactly should they be used?

In this article, we will take a close look at high chairs and booster seats by examining each of their individual advantages and setbacks. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea as to which type of chair to choose for your baby!

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The High Chair

The high chair is the classic baby chair that is used to feed babies as well as young toddlers. Their design features a small seat and table, which is raised on legs to allow an adult to spoon-feed their child easily and comfortably while standing.

These baby chairs come in all different styles and designs. In fact, some models even feature extra padding to give your baby a comfortable eating experience and peaceful mealtimes.

For your child’s safety, high chairs usually feature small seat belts to keep children strapped in. This fastening system keeps them from having the opportunity to wriggle out and fall off of the chair.

The Benefits of Using High Chairs

  • Can be used from early on in your baby’s life
  • Very sturdy and robust for everyday feeding
  • Can include soft padding and are comfortable
  • Possible to purchase chairs with a five-point harness
  • Can offer fantastic support to their body

When Should High Chairs Be Used?

High chairs are traditionally used when babies are at their youngest, which is anytime from six months onwards. This is because, during four to seven months, babies generally learn to sit independently.

To decide when to buy a high chair, it is recommended to wait and see when your baby is ready themselves. This is because every baby will differ in terms of growth. High chairs should be used for feeding the baby at home. When eating out, most restaurants provide high chairs to those who ask for them.

Eventually, your little one won’t be so little anymore and will naturally outgrow their high chair. This is when the baby can sit up consistently without falling. Usually, this will occur between nine to 12 months.

The majority of children, however, don’t outgrow their high chairs until they are between 18 months and two years old. The longer you can keep your baby in a high chair, the better. This is because they provide much more support in terms of a booster seat.

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The Booster Seat

The booster seat is a small cushioned seat. They are perfect for toddlers who are just getting their first taste of being independent.

They are designed to give your little one some extra height, which allows them to communicate at the table with the rest of the family, as well as allowing them to feel comfortable sitting by themselves.

The Benefits of Booster Seats

  • Can be used while traveling
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Can often be cheaper than high chairs
  • Offers multipurpose uses
  • Makes toddlers feel more independent

When Should Booster Seats Be Used?

Booster seats have quite a few functions and can be used both at home and when outside. They should be used by your toddler when they have outgrown their high chair and are ready to experience a little more independence.

Generally, booster seats can be used by toddlers and children anywhere from two to 11 years old and can be highly beneficial when traveling and in terms of safety.

When traveling, many parents decide to purchase booster seats for their children so that they aren’t too low down in the back of the car and be able to see out of the window. Not only are they beneficial for height and comfort purposes but also for safety.

Seat belts are designed for adult use, and in the light of a crash, this means any crash forces are directed to the hips and chest areas, which are the strongest parts of the body. With a child, however, without a booster seat, any crash force would be directed to the internal organs, and this is why a booster seat can come in handy!

Similarly, when it comes to eating time, booster seats can be used by your toddler. Their elevated cushioned base offers a comfortable pillow for your child to sit on, and thus provides them with a more enjoyable eating experience.

High Chair vs Booster Seat: Which Is Better?

So which is the better choice between the two? Well, if you are still at the stage of weaning and feeding your baby, then a high chair definitely offers the best support, especially in terms of safety.

For the more older babies and toddlers, though, a booster seat is preferred. This is because, by this time, they are now more stable and able to sit by themselves without the need for any extra support of a high chair.

If you are traveling, a booster seat will be the best option for you, as taking a full high chair out with you may not be possible and probably more difficult than just fitting a small booster seat in your car!

Final Words

At the end of the day, sometimes your baby will prefer one seat to another, and so it’s all about finding the best one that suits them. We recommend, however, that when your baby is very young still, go for a high chair until they can sit comfortably by themselves.

So there you have it! We hope that this article has provided you with a little more information on the topic of baby chairs, and hopefully, you now have a better idea of which type of chair to purchase for your little one.

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