When Is Baby Ready for High Chair

When Is Baby Ready for High Chair: Things to Consider

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It seems like only yesterday that you first held your little bundle of joy in your hands. Now, he’s growing slowly and rapidly at the same time. Indeed, planning your purchases when it comes to his needs and wants is a definite must.

If you are wondering when is baby ready for high chairs, then we’ve got you covered. Knowing the exact time is no easy task, though. It requires your keen observation of your baby’s developments and little milestones.

When Is Baby Ready for High Chair?

If you have already started shopping for high chairs and had a quick look online, you might have noticed that most high chair manufacturers will usually include an age recommendation along with each chair, which can help you out.

The majority are said to recommend waiting until a baby is at least six months old before using one. Around six months can be a great starting point for your baby. During this stage, they will have most likely started to become a little more stable and can probably sit up without too much help.

With that being said, however, keep in mind that not all babies will be the same; each one develops at a different rate. Therefore, it is safer to wait until your baby is fully ready. After all, you won’t want to rush things and cause any distress to your little one if they aren’t quite there yet. So, how do you know when they are ready?

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Signs that Your Baby Is Ready for a High Chair

For parents who have already had children, they will likely be able to tell when their new baby is ready, judging from past experience with other siblings. For new parents, it might be a little more challenging.

What are the signs that show when is baby ready for high chair? Well, there are a few simple ones to notice. These signs will be easier for you to tell with your own baby.

When They Can Sit Upright

If your little one can sit upright without falling over, then this is a pretty good sign that they will be ready to start sitting in a high chair independently. When not much support is needed from mom or dad, this shows that they are not only confident to sit up alone, but that their back has developed to allow them to sit independently.

When They Can Hold Their Head Up

A baby’s ability to hold their head up is an absolute must before being introduced to a high chair. If your baby cannot hold their head up properly, then they may need a little more time. This shows that they haven’t fully developed strong neck muscles, which babies will require when it comes to feeding while sitting upright.

When They Show Signs of Good Stability

Babies tend to wriggle about until a certain age, and it’s not until they start showing signs of stability that they are ready to be introduced to using a high chair. This includes not falling when placed upright. By this time, they should be able to sit in a high chair comfortably and not bob around too much.

Reclining High Chairs

Perhaps your baby isn’t yet at the transition stage? Well, not to worry as there are other types of high chairs out there that can be used, and which may be better fitted for the time being.

A reclining high chair, for example, is one that many parents find convenient to use during mealtimes. This is because it can also be used as a lounging place for the baby.

Reclining high chairs are designed with a comfortable padded backrest and offer multipurpose use as a high chair and recliner. For those parents shopping on a budget, this can save a purchase altogether. This is because it can be used as a resting chair until your baby is ready for it to be used upright as a high chair.

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Transitioning to a High Chair

Finally, when your baby is ready to use a high chair, a good tip for getting them used to sit in the chair is to use it regularly for a few weeks before you even begin feeding them. This is to give them a sort of “test drive” of the chair.

Also, doing this will get them to become more accustomed to the chair, allowing them to feel a lot more comfortable when the actual feeding begins. Once your baby is used to the feeling of sitting in a high chair, you can then start feeding them, and hopefully, things should fall into place.

Things to Remember

When you begin using a high chair with your baby, there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind. This includes the following:

  • Never leave your baby unattended in their chair, not even for a moment.
  • Always strap your baby into their high chair with their safety belt or five-point harness if your chair has one.
  • Before using the chair, take a moment to make sure everything is where it should be. This is especially important when using a brand-new high chair for the first time. You want to make sure everything is screwed in place and won’t come loose. You don’t want your baby to fall through, after all!
  • Stay close to the high chair at all times. It is important that you remain close to your baby at all times during feeding. You should also make sure that it is not within reach of tables or countertops.

Final Words

Once your baby is eventually ready to sit in their high chair, it will certainly make mealtimes a lot more relaxing as well as less hectic! You might even be able to finish a meal of your own for once! The important thing to make sure is that your baby is completely ready for the transition so that they feel comfortable.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you, and hopefully, you are now a bit more informed about when it is best for your little one to use a high chair.

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